Pancanaka is a scientific magazine published in Training and Development Departement of National Population and Family Planning Agency Representatives of Yogyakarta Special Region . This magazine is published every year as a forum to disseminate ideas from the results of research, training, and seminars, responses, opinions, or ideas or thoughts of the author related to the issue of Human Resource Development, Family Planning and Population.

The Pancanaka Journal accepts articles with a focus and scope:
1. Population and Policy, including but not limited to: Fertility, Death and Migration as well as issues related to population policy.
2. Family, including but not limited to: Family Planning and Family Development, population quantity, family planning, reproductive health, family welfare and issues related to the human life cycle (infants, children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly).
3. Human Resources, including but not limited to: Training and Development of Human Resources or issues related to training and other development

The Pancanaka name is taken from the hooves of Bima puppet characters or Werkudara. Pancanaka has a philosophy of its origin, namely as the primacy of science, the position of the nails flanked by the index finger and middle finger can be interpreted as: science should not make someone become arrogant or jumawa and not be used to oppress and defame others but must be used for the benefit of the people as a priority. The index finger is a symbol of purpose while the middle finger is a symbol of neutrality or the wisest position, so it can be concluded that "intelligence or science must be controlled wisely and may not make someone proud (the position of the thumb pinched) where the use must be used and useful for the benefit of the people (the primacy of science) ". While the location of the nails on the right and left is a symbol of mastery of good knowledge (right nails) and that can damage the joints of life (nails to the left) must be used wisely.